Counselling and Psychological Services

Mindful Matters

St. John's, NL

Child and Youth Psychology Services:

-Assessment and treatment of Anxiety Disorders (such as GAD, OCD, and Panic Disorder) and depression

-Assessment/Testing and treatment of ADHD as well as childhood behavioral disorders

-Assessment/Testing and diagnosis of Specific Learning Disorders and Intellectual disabilities

-Counselling for stress management and anger management issues

-Counselling for issues relating to Eating Disorders (as part of a comprehensive team of service providers)

Note: Mindful Matters is a Trauma Informed Psychology Practice.




Adult Psychology Services:

-Assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders, OCD, depression and other mood disorders

-Assessment of Adult ADHD and Learning Disabilities 

-Return to Work readiness skills

-Supportive counselling through difficult life transitions, such as divorce or illness

-Counselling for anger managment and stress managment

-Assertiveness training 

-Treatment of complex trauma such as PTSD

-Addictions therapy/counselling



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